Disc Golf course

Come check out our course, and we hope you will enjoy it!

The disc golf course is open from daylight to sunset Monday-Saturday. On Sundays the course opens at 1:00 and closes at sunset.

There are time when the course will be closed for special events. Check our Facebook page for announcements regarding any course closures.

Please help us maintain a family friendly atmosphere by:

  • Not using profane or vulgar language
  • Not smoking, consuming alcohol or drugs
  • Not littering

We have a 9 hole course. All parking lots and planted fields are out of bounds. Hole #8 tee is located across the parking lot at the west end of the athletic field.

If you would like to donate to help us maintain this course, click here to be redirected to our give page. Thank you for your generous gift to help maintain and provide improvements for our course.

If we can help you in your spiritual journey, please reach out to our church office 256-859-5111 to connect with our staff.