At Journey Church, we refuse to live life alone, 

we believe that life is greatest when it’s enjoyed with others.

That’s why we put such a big emphasis on our community groups! 

Community Groups are simply people taking next steps together. 

They’re a great avenue to meet new people and to develop life-giving friendships!

But, hey we also know that just jumping right into an unfamiliar group

can be a little intimidating. So that's where our COMMUNITY EVENT comes in.

Community is an event once every quarter that provides an opportunity

for those who aren't in a Community Group to get involved in one. 

We play games, have food, and get to meet our Community Group leaders.

It is our hope to help make the process of joining the right community group fun, 

memorable, and the best fit for you! So be sure to check out the groups we have to offer.



At Journey Church our community group leaders are heroes!

Every week they are creating environments where relationships

can be developed. If you’re interested in

leading a community group click the link below!

CLICK HERE if interested in leading a community group.