The worship band is a talented group of musicians who love to be together and lead in worship together. There is a variety of instrumentation represented in our band; such as drums, bass, electric guitars, keyboard, and percussion. And more are welcomed! Our hope is that this could be a setting for musicians to hone their craft and give their talents back unto the Lord. We rehearse each Wednesday night and Sunday morning before the morning service.


The choir at Journey Church is not like your typical community or performance choir. We strive for excellence in singing and rehearse to better our instrument. Yet, that is second to the overall goal to lead others in worshiping God. WE ARE A WORSHIP LEADING CHOIR! The choir is made up of individuals from various backgrounds, but all come to worship the same God. The choir rehearses each Sunday morning at 9:15 a.m., for the morning worship time and other special music. Our rehearsals are not only a time for practicing music, but a time to share what God is doing in our lives individually and as the body of Christ. We lift one another up in prayer and journey together through life as a group.


The tech team is responsible for audio, lighting, camera and computer support in the worship services. The technical team will provide training for those interested in helping with tech support. There is a always a need for people that are interested in constructing PowerPoint presentations and video editing